Atal Community Innovation Centre at SGT University aims to create design-aware societies, enabling them to leverage design principles to be able to build more human-centric, meaningful innovations. This is being achieved by creating repositories of knowledge centred on the core design principles of sensitivity, knowing and finding experience, and sustainability which will be accessible across centres for encouraging self-learning and growth.


The Toolbox for Innovation in Jhajjar District, India, has been created by SGT University to provide a nurturing environment that can foster social innovation and entrepreneurship. 

We enable ideas with the potential to achieve proof of concept and eventually scale. 

We do this primarily by providing financial support, physical space, and mentorship through our grants & partnership programs.

Our success hinges on our proven ability to work closely on the ground with our partners while providing strategic support to help them achieve scale and impact.

These programs help develop the human capital that powers enterprises and innovation inside the Toolbox.

We aim to provide a supporting ecosystem to build scalable enterprises through our incubation programs by unlocking the leadership potential in youth and providing them with avenues to build systems that can contribute to social impact. 

Our Connect programs provide fellowship opportunities, citizen awareness platforms, and the flagship yearly conference — the Development Dialogue — in addition to various smaller conclaves, leadership workshops, talks, and events.

The objective of the program

The program offers an opportunity to explore unique and incentivized solutions to encourage students, researchers, or any individual/group of individuals to ideate and design novel solutions. Following are the objectives of the program

  1. To offer an opportunity for everyone to innovate, ideate, and design impactful solutions, irrespective of their age: Big ideas start Small.
  2. To support cross-community learning by providing enabling infrastructure and linkages: Empowering Society to bring Change.
  3. To build the capacity of community innovators in evolving technologies while also building upon traditional insights: Thinking Local, Acting Global.
  4. To design scalable solutions for innovative offerings, encompassing the whole innovation cycle: Serving Society, Mind to Market.

Our Aim & Approach

To create an ecosystem having all facilities, mentoring, and life skills support to nurture youth for bringing their ideas on an open discussion platform, allocate resources, and ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Playlists that Have Been Selected

Customized playbooks that help you speed up the process of becoming an entrepreneur.

Market Access

Displaying your ideas and attracting investors via a platform.

Opportunities to Build Relationships

Assisting in establishing relationships with prominent industry leaders, investors, partners, and service suppliers.

Exceptional Mentoring

Giving you access to specialists in the field and sharing their wisdom.

Customized Experiences

Access to a variety of educational options, including private events and workshops.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Developing new business ideas and unlocking your full potential.

Our Location

SGT University

Budhera, Gurugram-Badli Road,

Gurugram- 122505, Haryana, India

M.No- 9810262474


Our Location

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