Transforming, accessing, and adopting feasible innovations of the dental industry to the common users.

To provide sophisticated, comprehensive, effective, and economical investigative tools and solutions to the law enforcement community.

A heavy carrying load bag that has the feature of massaging curing back and spine problems.

Unique protein supplement manufacturer

A quirky way to manage localized UTI in women.

Innovating oral health products and solutions.

Development of low-cost nutritious bars incorporated with the power of traditional ingredients and fruit waste.

Harnessing the technology of head movement and voice-controlled wheelchair for quadriplegic patients.

A dental product that uses indigenous knowledge to develop innovative products.

Our Location

SGT University

Budhera, Gurugram-Badli Road, Gurugram- 122505, Haryana, India

M. No. +91 98102 62474


Our Location



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